99.9% of Women…

Every woman walking into an abortion clinic is greeted by a lie. “99.9% of women”, she is being told “have not experienced any complications, in fact most of the women can feel a relief after the procedure”. But they never mention that this so called relief leaves you absolutely empty inside, stripped of your dignity. Yes even of that little dignity that is being provided to you, by offering you too keep your own socks. I never understood why would they have you keep your own socks on while dressed in the surgical gown, but this was the last you of your dignity before it is completely stripped away- your own socks.

The relief you may feel after the abortion is very deceiving, it is temporary and if it lasts few days you will be very lucky.

ChildrenThey told you that 99.9% of women do not experience any complication. But they don’t tell you that down the road your heart will be torn apart. They never tell you to expect dreams of babies. They never tell you that some times you will hear a baby cry when there is no baby around. They never tell you that every time you see a child, your heart will sink and you will wonder “How would my child looked like?” And you can’t share it with no one since you have been told that 99.9% of women are just fine, and you begin to believe that you are the only one these things are happening to.

Why am I writing these things? Many reasons. If you are a woman that have had an abortion you will now what I am taking about. If you have not come to peace yet, you should know that there are people willing to help you and you are not alone.

I am writing this also for women that may be faced with the choice of abortion. I don’t know your situation and but I can understand it is not a simple one. You may consider and abortion out of the fear that your parents would find out that you are pregnant. Maybe your boyfriend is threatening to leave you. I probably will never know what is your situation. If you are reading this I would like you to know that there are other options. If your particular situation is stressful and you feel like you are being pressured by others to have an abortion, think about some one you may be able to trust and turn to. Maybe a member of your family or a friend. In your area there may be places and people that can provide you with assistance and help.