An “accident” that always leaves victims behind

AccidentImagine a car going 80 miles per hour and then comes to sudden stop caused by a solid wall. The picture to the right shows what can happened to that car. One can only imagine what may have happen to people inside that car.

During the pregnancy woman’s body is set in motion that will last and continually change over the period of the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy. There is not a single part of the womans body that is not touched by these changes. The changes rage from visible signs to invisible changes in hormones. This process begins at the very moment of conception some effects last beyond pregnancy.

During pregnancy breasts are changing do to hormones (estrogen) that are preparing for the future nourishment of her child. Her hear must work harder, to provide more blood flow to the uterus, generally the amount of blood pumped by a heart of woman that is pregnant increases by 30 to 50%. Like the heart, her kidneys work harder to filter increasing amount of blood. The increased production of progesterone sends a signal to her brain to lower the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood, as a result pregnant woman breathes faster and deeper in order to exhale carbon dioxide. Her digestive system is affected and many women report unusual cravings for different foods and of course “mornig sickness” is caused by changes in digestive system. Virtually every hormone in her body is affected.

An abortion puts a sudden stop to all these changes. No one in their right mind could argue that abortion has no affects on woman’s body. In fact it is like driving a car straight into a solid wall. But even in such accidents there may be a miracle of survival. There is not such miracle for a woman that has gone through an abortion, it does not turn the clock back and make her “un-pregnant”. But what is most upholding is that so called “doctors” can lie time and over again that abortion will not affect you at all.