Contraception- A Woman’s Burden.

For the past 20 to 30 years contraception was presented to us as the most wonderful thing that have happened to humanity in the recent history. But is it it really? Does the contraception provides “peace of mind”, “worry free”, “happy and secure” and many other feelings ascribed to it in so many TV and other commercials?

Simple reflection on man’s and woman’s fertility, can show quiet a different picture. In fact, the contraception from that point of view may begin to look as an incredible “burden”.

So what are the basics of male and female fertility? On man’s part it is very simple. Men generally reach their biological sexual maturity in their teens and if they remain healthy their fertility can last way in to their old age. But not only that, once man is biologically matured, he is fertile all the time. He can father a child at any time.

Woman’s fertility is much more complex. After they biologically mature, generally during early teen ages, their fertility slows down and cease when they go through menopause. Also unlike men, woman has only few days during her menstrual cycle when she can become pregnant. Unlike man, woman’s contribution to procreation lats beyond sexual act itself.

Now lets look at the contraception from the prospective of our fertility. Man’s contribution to procreation, being not as complex may give him and easy way out of the responsibility when contraception is involved. Failed contraception does not affect him at physically, he does not become pregnant. Failed contraception also may force considering abortion, never the less advocates of contraception continue to argue that use of contraception will decrease the rate of abortion. Unfortunately, many of the contraceptions used to day are “abortificient”, they do the job after conception has already taken place. Use of contraceptives did not decreased the rate of abortion, in fact opposite can be argued.

The burden that comes along with contraception is generally very one sided, even if it involves contraceptive requiring mans participation such as condom. Since it is woman that will be affected the most should contraceptive fail.