Deceiving Feeling of Relief

Women, including myself, will tell you that right after abortion they experience a feeling of “relief”, unfortunately while being true, this was taken as one of the advocating points for abortion. When you go to a clinic you will be inevitably told that first thing that majority of women experience is a feeling of “relief”. In my experience this feeling was very short lasting, it never lasted more than just few days if that. I think it is good to know where this feeling comes from before labeling it as a proof that it helps women.

During stressful times, our body increases the production of adrenaline. Our body produces adrenaline whenever we feel pain, it actually helps us to feel less pain. So can it be that the feeling of “relief” is nothing more than a feeling after riding a fast roller coaster? Indeed roller coaster it is for women who make the decision to abort. Not only they are stressed but often feel considerable amount of pain after the procedure. It would be very interesting to know what are the exact levels of adrenalin in womans body while going through an abortion and shortly after the procedure. I think we are not that much off in assuming that a women who had have abortion do go through a kind of an adrenaline rush and therefore feel this “relief”. Also this is why this feeling of so called relief does not last too long no matter how much a woman tries to hold on to it.

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  1. Jeanne July 30, 2008