Flashbacks can cut you off guard

Waiting RoomOften women who have been through and abortion can experience flashbacks to the procedure. These can come in the time least expected and can even contribute to the dynamics of relationship. Little things like noise of a vacuum cleaner, can remind you of the suction equipment, music that was played in the waiting room or during the procedure or even treats like cookies and candy’s you ate in the recovery room. The flashback can be even triggered by a visito to emergency room while sitting in the waiting room. Sometimes the flash backs can be quiet intense and can almost “freeze” you up.

The flashbacks can take you back to also events preceding the abortion as well and sometimes these flash back can be innocently caused by the people you love and love you. Unfortunately they can affect you new relationships and sometimes even prevent you from having real relationships. As long as there is something you hide and your new boyfriend or husband has no idea what is being hidden from them, they may think that they are doing something wrong, but the truth is that they are not. I am not saying that one should go around and tell the entire world that you have had an abortion, not at all. You are entitled to your privacy, and hopefully there is a kind of unconditional trust in your new relationship that no explanation is needed. It is more important for a woman herself to understand why she reacts to certain “triggers”, it will help not get get cut off guard when a flashback comes back again.


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