God’s Eyes

One day I asked God to show me a sign. As I was driving to church, there was one big cloud over in the sky in the form of eyes. I knew at that moment that God has forgiven me for the sin of abortion, and he forgives you too. Go back to Him, because He loves you. This is the photo that I took:

God's Eyes

Many people can see this as a pure coincident. For me it was a clear sign from God, and it also was the beginning of my journey of healing. Here at my website I would like to share with you my journey. You may or may not be suffering from abortion at this time. No matter who you are, you are welcomed here. I hope that sharing my journey with will help you to understand that God loves you and he forgives you. All he wants is that you will forgive yourself and move to a better place in your life. No matter what people say abortion can not be qualified as a “non-event”. Other things can, but not abortion. If you cut a finger, for example, two weeks from now you would need to stop and think what finger was it, this is what a “non-event” is, it does not alter your life. It is never like that with abortion. Abortion alters people life’s a leaves permanent marks all over. People who were involved in abortion generally react to abortion itself by various actions. They either become active advocates of the procedure, fierce opponents, and some time quiet sufferers. But rarely can some one say that abortion had no effect over their life whatsoever. Right from the beginning I would like you to know, that no matter what your attitude towards abortion is, I will not judge you. All that I intend to do is to share how devastating abortion was for me and how God gently guided me to the place where I am now.