How Would a Mother Know the Sex of Her Unborn Child

By Vicki Thorn

One step in healing after an abortion is to recognize the sex of your child and to choose a name. Women wonder how they might know this or they are surprised that they always had sense of the sex of their child.

Women would know the sex of their child because they carry cells for their children the rest of their lives. We women seem to be able to recognize the male cells from the female cells.

When I ask women if they know the sex of their child, they reply one of three ways.

  • Of course, I have always known it was a boy.

  • How could I know that, but if she had been born she would be 18 now.

  • I have no idea!

I find with the last response that if I tell the woman about the cells that they carry, they often admit that they do have a sense of the sex of that child. They just didn’t know how they would know that.

If the woman still doesn’t know, I recommend that if she is a praying woman, she ask God. God has spoken to His people in dreams throughout the ages. There are many stories of dreams in the Bible. If Joseph hadn’t been paying attention to his dreams, salvation history might not have gone well. All of his instructions about taking Mary as his wife and fleeing into Egypt came in a dream.

Women will often have dreams of the child or in some cases children. Sometimes she had more than one abortion that she had not recalled or she also had miscarriages. In the dream, it is all apparent to her.

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