Last post before the move is completed.

This is my last post. The new website is almost ready and by tomorrow should be fully functional. My new web site can be found at, unfortunately you will have to book mar my new site and delete the old one.

What happens if you subscribed to your website through RSS?

 If you added my website’s feed to Google, Yahoo, or any feed-read application, this move should not affect you and you will continue to receive updates from my website. In fact for the next day or two, you may receive some old articles as “new”, just be patient and ignore them, i am not trying to “spam” you in any way. If you find out that your subscription has been discontinued, it was not my intention you are welcomed to subscribe to my website again.

Why new website?

I always wanted to create a forum for the people who are waling the path of healing after abortion.  It is only possible with a privately hosted website. The forum is the only major addition to the website, the look and the feel of my new website is very similar to what you have seen here.

Will you continue to post here as well?

I have no intention to continue posting on this website in the future. I will however keep this blog for the next month or so, it will help with the transition.

See you on my new website!