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Vicki Thorn

Vicki ThornVicki Thorn, founder and executive of National Office of Post Abortion Healing and Reconciliation and Project Rachel. Vicki has been working and helping women and men wounded by abortion since 1984, when she decide to start a post abortion ministry. She was driven by a desire to help a friend of hers who suffered from post abortion trauma, but as she admits herself she did not know how to help her friend. Since that time Vicki spoke, wrote and most importantly worked with women and men suffering from post abortion after math. Over the years, helping others overcoming the complications of post abortion aftermath, she learned that abortion touches the lives not only of the women who have abortions, but those of their families, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and, of course, the fathers of the babies.

Vicki also spoke on countless of occasions to young people about the biochemistry of sexual relationship, an area often overlooked by many professionals. She believes talking to our teenagers and particularly about biochemistry of sexual relationship can be very beneficial.

We are happy to welcome Vicki as a contributor to our website. Her contribution will be without doubt invaluable for our website but most importantly to our visitors in the future. To help our visitors to benefit from her contribution we are introducing a special forum “Ask Vicki Thorn” where any one can ask her questions. Your anonymity is guaranteed.