Reclaiming Fatherhood: September 8-9, 2008

Reclaiming Fatherhood LogoThe first ever conference to address the aftermath of abortion in men took place in November last year in San Francisco, CA. The conference welcomed participants from around the world and featured presentation and session by the experts in the field of counseling as well testimonies of men who shared how abortion impacted their lives.

This year the conference will take place in Oak Brook, IL – the suburbs of Chicago. The conference will include the following topics:

  • Fatherhood Lost: The Biology of Fatherhood and His Role in an Abortion Decision
  • Men and Abortion: A Review of the Research
  • Trauma and Abortion: When Men Hollow
  • Fatherhood without Paternity? Implications of Reproductive Technology
  • Understanding Male Spiritual Growth and the Process of Healing
  • Wounded Fathers: Why Do They Come for Help
  • Medicating the Pain of Lost Fatherhood: Looking For Their Pain In All The Wrong Places
  • Forgiveness Therapy with Post-Abortion Men
  • The Masculine Side of Healing

If you are interested in attending this conference please visit the official website of Reclaiming Fatherhood.