Telling Your Story

There will be time in your journey of healing that you finally will be able to tell your story. For me it one of the most difficult steps I took. It is not easy to express what what you felt or feeling. You may be afraid of being judged, or afraid that in telling your story you may stir up more pain.

Loss that you have suffered to abortion is not recognized by many, it is very real loss and it needs to be dealt with. You may even need to tell your story more than just once and it will take much courage on your part. But in telling your story you will have a chance to lift up years of burden, guilt and pain.

You maybe wondering where to being? Some women are able to begin telling their stories from the time they went to the clinic. Some may need to say what had happened before the procedure or after it. The abortion itself may have been so painful that it could have made you numb. Maybe the events preceding the abortion where so stressful that you felt that abortion itself was nothing comparing to those events.

No matter where you begin tell your story as it is. Truth will hurt but it also will liberate you. If you like to share your story on our forum, there maybe some one who knows exactly how your feel and no one will judge you. Down the road your story may even help other women who may try to make sense of all that had happened.

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  1. navi December 8, 2009