We are still here…

This website was idle since last November, but we are ready to resume regular updates. We also are implementing some changes and updates to our website. But before we would like to apologize to everyone who stopped by and commented on many articles. We also would like to stress that nothing on this website should be treated as medical advise or a substitute of medical advise. While we write about certain procedures and how it may affect men and women, we would like to remind everyone that administration of this website holds pro-life beliefs and our only goal is to help, in as little way as we can, those who are suffering from the aftermath of abortion. Nor advise on how to obtain an abortion will be given on this website or expected.

In particular we would like to apologize to those who tried to contact Vicki Thorn through this website. While we are in regular contact, this website was unattended since last November. If you would like to reach Vicki, please call National Office of Post Abortion Healing and Reconciliation at 1-800-5WE-CARE .

Changes on Our Website

As we plan to grow the community of readers here at Healing After Abortion, we have implemented several changes to the way comments are handled, moderated and displayed. One thing you will notice right away that comments will no longer be held in moderation and will appear on our website immediately after you click “Ad Comment” button. We will however moderate the comments to prevent spam.

Again, we apologize for such a long period of silence. We hope this new phase in the life of our website will benefit many.