We Welcome Vicki Thorn- Our Contributor.

Vicki ThornWe are extremely happy and humbled to welcome our newest contributor to our website. Vicki Thorn worked in post abortion ministry since 1984 and founded National Office of Post Abortion Healing and Reconciliation as well as Project Rachel. Her contribution to our website is invaluable. If you are interested to read future Viki’s posts and articles on our website you may subscribe to our website. You may also subscribe exclusively to Vicki’s articles via RSS (Real Simple Syndication), just scroll down to where left sidebar has listed categories and click on (rss) next to the category with her name. While her articles may be published in many other categories as well, every single article that she writes will be automatically included in the category that was named after her.

Again we welcome Vicki and look forward to read her articles and posts. She also is a moderator of one of the forums “Ask Vicki Thorn”, where you can ask her question or maybe even share your own experience.

Over the time of almost 30 years of working and helping people to deal with post abortion trauma, Vicki believes that abortion affects not only women who have abortions, but also their families and even friends.

Please stay tuned to read her articles on our website. Feel free to recommend our website to your friends, we¬†have limited resources in order to market our website as many other Internet “giants” do and mostly rely on “spreading” the word about our site.


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