Why A Mother Never Forgets

By Vicki Thorn

WomanWhen I first began doing post-abortion healing ministry some 22 years ago, I often got challenged as to why a mother would need to grieve an abortion. Wasn’t it true that the abortion erased the pregnancy? This business that she would remember and grieve was dismissed.

Over time more facts and understanding about the nature of pregnancy have surfaced and perhaps now we can understand why a mother never forgets.

In the year 2000 there were a series of conferences in Rome to celebrate the New Millennia. Several had to do with science and biology. I received an email from one of the congresses that stopped me cold.

Women carry cells from every child they ever conceive, it stated. That seemed like science fiction to me so I began to contact the researchers involved and to read the research documents. Suddenly I understood why women who have abortions and who miscarry never forget the lost children.

The phenomena is called “human microchimerism”. Early in the pregnancy an exchange of cells begins between mother and child. We are not positive what the means of cellular exchange is, but we know it happens. At the time that the child leaves the mother’s body, whether as the result of an abortion, a miscarriage, a cesearean section or a vaginal delivery, even more cells are sent to the mother. It also seems that if the pregnancy ends early, an even greater number is transferred.

These cells seem to be some type of stem cell and are stored in the medulla of the mother’s brain: where instinct lies, but also throughout her body. They have been found even 37 years later so they appear to be replacing themselves. The current research on the cells is focusing on the fact that in many cases they seem to be reparative cells of some kind. In an early case, a woman with thyroid disease had her thyroid removed. The doctors discovered that the thyroid seemed to be repairing itself and they found that the repaired part were cells of her son.

Recently I gave a presentation in Pittsburgh where a physician during the question and answer period spoke about research he has been involved in for cancer treatment where they are using the cells of their sons to attack the cancer cells.

Might these cells be the missing link in mother’s intuition? If we carry cells the rest of our lives, we are truly linked to our children in a biological way! Mothers have told about knowing a child is in trouble or ill. When my third child was born, I knew there was something wrong with her. It turned out that she had been born with a congenital kidney malformation that required surgery. I’m a believer in mother’s intuition.


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